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Taishan is located in the southwest of the Pearl River Delta, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. It has the reputation of “the first hometown of overseas Chinese”, “two Taishan mountains inside and outside” and “the hometown of volleyball”. There are many attractions in the city, which is a good place for a tourist.

Famous attractions

Shangxiachuan Island

By car, park at the large parking lot at the dock and transfer to the ferry. Wangfuzhou Beach is very beautiful, the sand is fine and the slope is gentle, it is very suitable for relaxing. Play banana boat, take pictures, shells, trample, sea breeze, there is always a play program for you. After eating and eating seafood, your stomach can be satisfied.

Beifeng Mountain

There are a large number of south subtropical monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forests in Beifengshan Park. The peak of the main peak is 922 meters above sea level. The air in the garden is fresh, and the birds and flowers are a good place to recuperate from summer and leisure. However, friends who travel by car should pay attention to going down the mountain, because the mountain road along the way is too sharp, so be sure to pay attention to safety.

Black sand bay

The world's rare black sandy beach, the beach is very gentle and there is no Kanpo, it extends to the small island, and the amusement equipment is also rich, which is very suitable for a family to play. Whether it's beach volleyball or swimming in the sea, whether it's a seaside barbecue or a sea surf, the summer's Black Sand Bay is always so lively!

Fuyue Village

Located in Doosan Town, the scale of the village is not very large, a total of 15 buildings, but the design is very beautiful and spectacular. A long time ago, in addition to living and the function of defense, it is a combination of a foreign building and a tower. There is also a farmhouse in the village, and while enjoying the characteristics of the rural areas of southern China, you can fill your stomach and enjoy yourself.

Longines Bay

Longines Bay covers an area of 756.3 acres, and the strange rocks of various shapes are located on a coastline about ten kilometers long. Being in the beach of the coastal camp, it seems to enter a magical realm of the broad sky, and you can take out the big effect of the blue sky and blue sky by taking out the mobile phone.

Mei Family Courtyard

The overseas Chinese architectural complex was founded by the local Mei surnamed overseas Chinese and the overseas Chinese of the overseas Chinese, and 108 buildings on the second to third floors with arcades. There is no over-commercialization here, and the original look is preserved. At the same time, it is the main location of the film "Let the Bullets Fly", which is a good place for fans to understand Chinese architectural art.

Travel tips

1.The traffic in Taishan is very good, and there are high-speed high-speed rails. According to the navigation, you can drive to the attractions by yourself.

2.Friends who are far away from the road must solve the problem of accommodation and weather-affected spots before they come. Otherwise, they will find that the spots are not open after a long journey.


  • Ellen Count / 2018-7-12 15:30

    I went to Taishan to know that there were more overseas Chinese in 92 countries and regions, and there were more people than in the local area. The foreign dialects were Taishan dialect. If you go to a squat, you can see many old overseas Chinese buildings. It is really an eye-opener.

  • Holly Fister / 2017-7-13 0:03

    The summer in Taishan is the summer of the sea. Enjoy the sea, the beach and the sun at the beach!

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